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Adapting the product according to your needs

Personalization of the product

We manufacture and customize products tailored to the needs of our clients.

1. Request

At an early stage, a request is submitted so that we can develop a solution.

2. Prototype

We develop the prototype according to the intended solution.

3. Approval

We submit the project for client approval.

4. Execution

We develop the final product.


At an early stage, a request is submitted so that we can develop a solution.

Pre-made products

Equipment and accessories

Indicators such as customer satisfaction, thoughts, feelings, and the experience you have with us are all important to us. Improving, changing, and innovating is our commitment. We develop and produce equipment and acessories that we market under our brands: Therca, TherVax and GAMP.

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Therca is:

- DWH Water Heaters
- Instantaneous DWH Water Heaters
- Hydraulic Separators and Drain Back
- Inertia Tanks / Thermal Flywheels
- Heat Recovery for Industrial Cold
- DWH Thermosyphons

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Thervax is:

- Solar Expansion Vessels
- Heating Expansion Vessels
- DWH Expansion Vessels
- Open Expansion Vessels
- Autoclaves / Pressurized Vessels / Hidrospheres

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GAMP is:
- GAMP Essential Heat Pumps
- GAMP Advance Heat Pumps
- GAMP Inst-Pro Heat Pumps

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We are a certified and reliable company in providing quality services to clients, by prioritizing satisfaction and fulfilling needs.


Professional and certified after-sales assistance

Aquecinox has professionals with certified training, with an aim of offering the best after-sales assistance.