Heat pumps are known for their low energy consumption combined with remarkable efficiency. In Aquecinox you can find several models of heat pumps according to your needs.

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Gamp Essential Heat Pump

200L - 500L

Heat pumps allow the production of domestic hot water. They have an LCD controller to set the water temperature freely. This type of pump guarantees hot water throughout the year, having the energy needed for heating from the ambient air, as well as saving up to 70% in energy consumption. Low carbon footprint (reduced CO2 release). They are recommended for domestic, industrial and commercial use.

Gamp Advance Heat Pump

100L - 200L

Square heat pumps have a square shape in order to optimize the installation space. They have a water tank, where the energy collected from the ambient air is transferred to the water present in the tank. They ensure energy savings of up to 70% compared to an electric heater.

GAMP Inst-Pro Heat Pump

200L - 1000L

Remote heat pumps are an economical solution for heating, either central heating or sanitary water heating. These pumps get energy from the ambient air and save up to 70% in energy consumption compared to electric heaters. Heat pumps are always accompanied by an instantaneous deposit.