The importance of satisfying our customers is reflected in the quality of our products. We offer a wide range of products under the brands Therca (thermo accumulators), TherVax (open and closed cold water expansion vessels), and GAMP (heat pumps). Guarantee of quality and satisfaction in the provision of our services and products.

Quality - Guarantee - Satisfaction Guarantee

- DWH Water Heater
- Instantaneous DWH Water Heater
- Hydraulic Separators and Drain Back
- Inertial Storage Tanks / Thermal Flywheels
- DHW thermoelectric
- Heat Recovery for Industrial Cold
- DHW thermosyphons

-Gamp Essential Heat Pump
-Gamp Advance Heat Pump
-GAMP Inst-Pro Heat Pump


- Solar Expansion Vessels
- Expansion Vessel Heating
- DWH Expansion Vessels
- Open Expansion Vessels
- Autoclaves / Pressurized Vessels / Hydrospheres