Therca takes part into Aquecinox project and is dedicated to the research of new solutions, in order to always allow its customers to find the very innovative products at the very best prices.

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DWH Water Heater

80L - 5000L

The water heaters show a significant saving compared to electric heating . These allow you to enjoy greater comfort, and provide hot water whenever necessary with constant pressure and temperature. The heaters are a development with a future as they enable the integration of renewable heat sources, such as solar panels.

Instantaneous DWH Water Heater

300L - 1250L

The Instantaneous DHW water heaters represent a versatile, cost-effective and hygienic solution, with greater hot water capacity. The hot water is produced immediately, without any accumulation of water, which makes it impossible to perforate pathogens.

Hydraulic Separators and Drain Back

30L - 100L

The Drain Back system is suitable for heating sanitary water. Water is accumulated from the collectors to the tank to avoid the risk of overheating and freezing. The water that circulates in the tank and through the collectors doesn’t contain any glycol, nor is it pressurized; therefore, it can be replaced directly by the network. Solar collectors only fill with water when the available solar energy is sufficient to heat the water in the tank.

Inertia Deposits - Thermal Flywheels

50L - 2000L

Inertia deposits are accumulators where excess energy from heating systems is temporarily stored. This utilization is used according to the needs of the system.

DHW thermoelectric

50L - 2000L

Thermoelectric DHW allows domestic hot water to be produced and accumulated in an autonomous way. Being easy to install and maintain, they have an electrical resistance in order to produce hot water. With this system, you can enjoy hot water at any time with constant pressure and temperatures. They are ideal for heating small volumes of water such as in homes, hairdressing salons and offices, as well as large volumes of water for instance in hotels and sports complexes.

DHW thermosyphons

150L - 300L

Thermosyphons are deposits to interconnect solar panels that use the sun's energy to heat water. They present themselves as the most economical solution, in addition to being easy and quick to install, they are ideal for smaller spaces. They also have advantages such as: occupying little space, the fact that they are installed on top of the roof, no space in the house is taken unnecessarily, and they do not need electricity.

Heat Recovery for Industrial Cold

150L - 2000L

The heat dissipated by the Cooling System (commercial and industrial refrigeration units) is used to heat water (DHW, washing floors and equipment). This solution generates economic and energy benefits for organizations and especially for the environment.